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We stand beside our client
from project analysis and structuring
until financial close

Finergreen was created in 2013 as a financial advisory boutique with the ambition to provide high quality services
Finergreen focuses on renewable energy: solar, wind, biomass, hydro and storage
Finergreen operates in Europe but also in emerging countries, where the energy needs are greatest
Finergreen is an independent pure player
Finergreen is a multicultural team with a strong ability to work on cross border transactions
Finergreen provides a full range of financial services:
As Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) advisors, we structure and execute transactions that maximize value creation for our clients
As Project Finance advisors, we design and execute the most suitable financing for your projects
As Strategic advisors, we are market insiders providing insights to help our private and institutional clients take decisions
Founder and CEO
Finergreen is a company built by entrepreneurs. In our early days, we had only one goal: to promote the energy transition by stimulating investment in this market. We started by supporting local developers of renewable energy projects with limited financial capacities to finance the construction of their projects. Encouraged by our success in France, we decided to also help other international project owners by reaching the areas of the planet most in need of electricity and financial support. This is how and why we opened offices covering all emerging regions over the course of a few years and have become today a major international player in the financing of renewable energy projects everywhere.
Finergreen has executed more than 1,5 bn€ of financial transactions as of December 2019
Finergreen has been involved in more than 2,5 GW across the different renewable technologies
Finergreen has a strong track record with 100 transactions already executed, both in the fields of M&A and project finance
Finergreen is an international firm operating in more than 80 countries through 7 offices in every single continent
Finergreen employs 40+ professionals representing 10 nationalities and 12 spoken languages
Finergreen co-funded solidary actions for 475 k€ into 42 projects in 22 countries to help population getting electricity access
Our vision

Foster the energy transition
and promote green investments

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Finergreen is a financial advisory boutique dedicated to renewable energy. Within 7 years, the company executed € 1,5bn of transactions representing 2,5 GW of assets.

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