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Finergreen Insight è una diffusione di notizie pubblicata ogni due mesi da Finergreen sulle questioni tecnhiche e finanziarie proprie del settore delle energie rinnovabili presentate dai vari attori del settore. E al momento disponibile in lingua francese ed inglese. Per abbonarsi seguire il link di seguito.

Febbraio 2018 – The revolution of the blockchain in energy

This seventh Insight focuses on the blockchain in energy, analyzing the interest of the blockchain in renewable energy projects. Julien Gil, project engineer at Sunchain, answered our questions to go in depth into the subject.

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Giugnio 2017 – Rural electrification of Africa

This sixth Insight focuses on Africa and offers an analysis of the rural electrification of Africa, going in depth into the Solar Home Systems using Pay As you Go technology. This month, Nate Heller, Co-founder and Chief of Operations at PEG and Mark Roesink, Director of Renewable Energy Investments of Oikocredit answered our questions.

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Gennaio 2017 – Interest rate hedge

This fifth Insight goes in depth into  the management of interest rate risks through hedging instruments, reying on the interview of Morand Drouot, Founder and President of Noveo Finance.

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Luglio 2016 – Life cycle of PV projects

This fourth Insight focuses on the life cycle of a photovoltaic project and analyses the level of renewable of such a project, on the long term. It is Pia Alina Lange, Director of Public Affairs and Communication of PV Cycle Association, who answered ur questions this month, to help us understand the issue.

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Febbraio 2016 – Bank Refinancing

We focus this third issue of Finergreen Insight on the Bank Refinancing, in particular for the renewable energy projects. This month, Stéphane Pasquier, CEO of Natixis Energeco, shares with us his views on the issue.

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Ottobre 2015 – Feed-In-Premium

We study here the implementation of the Feed-In Premium in France and its consequences on projects’ financing. Michel Rousseau, Head of Project Finance at Bayern LB, speaks about the experience of being a financing organism evolving in a similar environment in Germany.

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Luglio 2015 – Modules’ annual power loss

This edition focuses on a study over moduls’ annual power loss. Xavier Daval, CEO of Kilowattsol, gives his opinion about his profession and environment.

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